Target Point started out as an advertising company in Lesvos island during 1995.

It quickly mastered its operations at special business promotion and products and service promotion with exhibitions and special presentations.

At the same time, it creates special creative design and construction part of any kind of advertising and professional leaflet and computerized forms and packaging.

In 1996 creates special Internet and multimedia department from which its operations extend throughout the Aegean and slowly across Greece.

It is the first company to create a purely electronic professional and informative guide in the form of a kiosk and installs in the center of the market town of Mytilene.

The same department is also working with design and development of websites on the Internet and promotion.

Between 1998 and 2001 created more than 80 business sites of Lesbos, and in 2001 rewarded by the World Association of Web Designers with global gold award in the category ‘Tourism’.