Nowadays “Tools make him professional “as they used to say in the market and that we adopted in the Target Point.

For this reason, the renewal of our equipment is our first concern every year, spending a large amount of our budget on it.

In particular, the Target Point (in the technology / computer and programs) has:


Hardware – Computers etc.:

  • Electronic Video Editing System equipped with the Canopus Video Card
  • DTP graphics system with display EIZO CE240W True Color
  • Web design systems to monitor S2411W DTP & Video Animation
  • Auxiliary Computers presentations and Secretaries
  • Laptop / PC (Laptop) Toshiba’s for external presentations
  • Network data storage system (server backup) of HP
  • Inkjet Printers and Laser Printer samples and presentations
  • Flatbed Scanner of HP (Color Smart) for digitizing photographs and Slides.
  • Tablets graphic design of WACOM (A5 & B5)
  • Systems of uninterrupted energy supply (UPS) on each PC and device
  • Call center of Siemens with PC digital control.


Computer software and libraries:

  • Adobe Compete Suite (for DTP & Video Editing)
  • EDIUS Video Editing Software V4 & V5.5
  • SONY VEGAS PRO Video Editing & Plugins
  • VIDEO Plug-in like Mercali, Vitascene, Adorage etc.
  • VIDEO Titlers like Heroglypch and Pro-
  • Titler
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2010 for the secretary
  • CMR & Network Appointment Calendar program
  • Magenta fonts
  • Photo Albums, sound fx and music (Royalty Free)