The photo and video quality depends on the cameras and video cameras.

Target Point Annually streamlines the photo and video cameras for best results and happy customers.


Specifically in regard of that equipment has the following:

  • Photos Equipment
  • Camera Canon EOS 1 Mark II
  • Camera Canon EOS 5D
  • Camera Sony DSC – R1
  • Camera Canon PowerShot A480
  • Lens Canon EF 16-35mmf/2.8 II L USM II
  • Lens Canon ???
  • Lens Canon EF 24-70 2.8L USM
  • Lens Canon EF 28-300 3.5L IS USM
  • Lens Canon EF 28-135mmf/3.5-5.6 IS USM
  • 2X Ring Extender Canon
  • 2 Flash Heads BW 3610 ESPRIT GEMINI with Ambient Lighting umbrellas
  • Flash Light Canon 580EX II
  • Flash meter Canon
  • Three Foot Manfrotto 808 RC4 Standard 3 Way Head
  • Battery Bowens for 2 way heads for external photo shooting


Video Equipment

  • Video Camera Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX1
  • Video Camera Sony HVR-V1 24p HDV
  • Video Camera Sony Handy Cam
  • Lens polygon for HVR-V1
  • External Disk Sony HVR-DR60 (for HVR-V1)
  • Remote Control RM-18P (for XDCAM EX1)
  • Remote Control Sony (for HVR-V1)
  • Wireless Mic ACT-707HM
  • Wireless Mic MIPRO MR-90 (tiny)
  • Wireless Mic MIPRO ACT-707TM (tiny)
  • Audio adaptor 4 channeled
  • External Light SOny HVL-LBP On Camera
  • Steady Cam Glide Cam 4000 Pro
  • DvRigPro HD (shoulder balancer)
  • 3 foot stand Manfrotto 028B with head
  • Manfrotto 503HDV
  • Dolly Manfrotto 114 special even for external environment
  • Lamp Cosmo light RC/BR 455 (4 lamps)
  • Lamp Cosmo light RC 100F Lux
  • Three foot stand Manfrotto 004BAC
  • Transportation bags Portal Brace
  • Travel Bags Portal Brace Hard Case