Search Engines

Search engines and thematic directories have about 80% on how to find a website on the Internet. For this reason it is crucial to appear in them and a lot more in the first places.

Target Point assumes:

♦Finding and placing best fitting keywords that consist the most common used from visitors of search engines.

♦Optimizing your website to be friendly towards search engines.

♦Listing your website at the biggest Greek and worldwide search engines.

♦Listing your website at Web Directory (based on your category).

♦ Ordinary resubmit after position measurement and visits control.

Apart of just simple listing, there is also a pay per click listing with cost according to the number of visitors, in which we recommend your listing and we take care the key words and the ways of listing in them, depending at your budget and seasonality of your business.

Direct Mail

Proven, after the personal touch, in cost – performance is directed mail and especially since the potential that the Internet offers this relationship tends to be the same.

Instead of viewing, direct mail keeps the current customers informed about new products and keeps a warm relation with them.

The services that Target Point is providing at this section is:

♦ Design or creation (e-mail) and print (post) letters.

♦ Group letter to your existing customers to print or e-mail.

♦ Find potential customers data and confirmation of sending collective letters.

♦ Group letter to prospective customers (sectoral) (no spam mails)

♦ Design and creation or printing and sending information letters (news mails).

♦ Group letter to prospective customers (sectoral).

♦ Create page subscriptions for receiving information e-mail from your company.

Besides the above, the mission team also includes the sending of a “special” offers on bulletin boards of your industry (News Groups).